Monday, June 21, 2010

Kent Family Update!!

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been awhile since I have blogged! We are staying very busy with two toddlers and potty trainning. Cooper is 2 1/2 now and he is just talking up a storm, asking tons of questions and just as funny as he can be, Caylee will be 17 m at the end of June! She is talking like crazy learning new words to say daily, thanks to her big brother! They both love to be outside every chance they get and help with the garden, Cooper loves tractors and still into Mickey Mouse and Caylee is into baby dolls and dress up! Now to Adam and I... we are both staying busy with work as usual! We are just trying to keep up with the kiddos! Here are some recent pictures of the kiddos!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009!! Mickey and Minnie Mouse~

Cooper and his best friend Ian(the only pic with them together)

The Tucker Cousins (Cooper and Cade)

The Kent Cousin Clan (Cooper,Aiden,Macee,Zaine,Caylee)

Cooper (Mickey Mouse)

Caylee (Minnie Mouse)
Halloween 2009 was a blast! We went to the Fall Festival at church and then went to the Pumpkin Patch to get some pictures. Cooper was Mickey Mouse, his FAVORITE and Caylee was Minnie Mouse. We went and trick or treated some good friends and family houses. kids did great and Cooper loved his costume and didnt want to take it off when we got home for the night. Caylee was a trooper. This being her The first Halloween, she did great getting in and out of the car and keeping her mouse ears on. I have to say they were the cutest Mickey and Minnie Mouse I have ever seen! Here are some pics from our day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Update

Hey everyone!! Sorry for the lag in my blogging! Here are some updates on the ever changing Kent Family.

Cooper is 21 months and growing like a weed. He is talking up a storm and learning new words and phrases daily! He can say the alphabet, count to 10, name animals and their sounds, knows all his family members names, LOVES books, balls, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Elmo and his John Deer Tractor. He is amazing in every sense of the word and we have enjoyed watching him grow! He is all boy and his daddy's shadow!!

Caylee is 1 week shy of being 8 months old. She is growing by leaps and bounds! She is a very happy little girl. She is crawling now and pulling up on things and walking behind push toys! She is babbling and cooing and saying mama and dada (which we love hearing). She is LOVES her brother and follows him all over the house. She has a very sensitive side to her. She loves to give hugs and kisses! She is such a delight to have!!

Now to Adam and I. We will be married for 6 yrs in less than a month! Wow! God has blessed our marriage in so many ways, with 2 beautiful children, some really great friends and a wonderful family that is there for us always! We are staying very busy with work and

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going to see Great Granny Melba

Cooper and Cade watching baseball with Shelby(Cade's daddy)

Cooper playing with his daddy
Cooper and Cade playing with Adam
Caylee playing
Granny Melba and all her GREAT Granchildern

Granny Melba,Sherri,Jerry,Julie and my mom

Cousin Elizabeth playing w/ Cooper

Cousins Karen and Gracie playing with Caylee
A couple of weekends ago we went to DeLeon to see Great Granny Melba and to go to the Peach and Melon Festival. All of our family was there and Cooper and Caylee had a blast playing with their cousins and seeing Granny Melba. Here are some pictures of that day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Time

Hey everyone!! Sorry I have not blogged in a while! Here are some updates on the kiddos!

Cooper is 20 months now and talking up a storm. He is so much fun. He copies everything we do and makes us laugh all the time with all the things that he comes up with. I have really enjoyed watching him grow and become this wonderful little boy. He LOVES to be outside and he is just all boy in every since of the word.

Caylee is 6 1/2 months and growing like a weed. She is almost crawling and I mean so close that it makes her so mad that she just lays down and rolls over to get to the toy she wants. She is eating solid foods and really likes them. She is babbling and cooing like crazy. I love having my little girl and she is just growing up so fast.

Adam is staying very busy with work like always. The good thing is that he is home a lot now,but he will be traveling again soon. I am still enjoying my job. I am learning new things about my job everyday. Overall we are doing great,very busy,and completely loving life !!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July~

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. We did, we mostly just stayed around the house and relaxed and had some great family time. On Friday we went to DeLeon to see great granny Melba and I am so so sorry didnt get any pics at the visit. But it was great to be there and for here to see the kiddos. Then Saturday we went to see the fireworks down at the river and both Cooper and Caylee did really well. They both fell asleep on the ride over there and we woke them up right before it started. Cooper really like the big ones that were far away and got scared at several that were being popped around us. Which it actually made me kinda nervous also. But we had a great time. My mom, Shelby, Amy,Cade,Adam,the kids and I all watched it together. Here are some pictures of that night!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My 26th Birthday Party !!

Well for everyone who wants to know I just celebrated my 26th birthday on June 29 and we went to Don Carlos and had just a great time with some great friends and family. My cake was AMAZING !! If someone would have asked me back in high school or even several years ago, where and what do you see your self doing at age 26, I would have probably said for sure married with a good job and maybe even 1 child. Well I am married to the love of my life Adam and I have the 2 most beautiful children Cooper and Caylee and I also have a wonderful job. I am so blessed beyond measure and so undeserving of it all. It is with Gods grace and love that I have all these blessings in my life today. I must say that turning 26 is not as bad as I keep thinking it was going to be, in my mind all I could see is that it is even close to 30. Wow time has flown and I would not change anything for the world!! Thank you to all my friends and family that made my birthday so very special.